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Emotional Intelligence Helps You Succeed In Interviews and while working.

The content will help us identify your interpersonal strengths, soft skills, and emotional intelligence. It can be used as a tool for creating your branding statement, composing your professional bio for social networking, preparing for interviews, as well as a leave-behind for interviews. Your report can also be reviewed after you have acquired your upcoming job to ensure you are adapting to your new team.

Let me show you how.

At a job interview, when the Hiring Manager asks you:

"What are the three strengths you will bring to the position?" 

" How do you describe your leadership style?"

" How do you resolve internal staff conflicts?"                           


What is your answer, and why? 


What It Is Exactly: Online DISC assessments provide computer-scored, graphed, and accurately interpreted personalized reports which identify your natural and your adapted communication style and behavioral traits.


What You Will Realize:

Your report enhances the interviewing process by preparing you for discussions about your characteristics, ideal work environment, and the value you bring to the workplace, in addition to giving you specific suggestions on communicating and responding effectively with others.


Leadership Presentation


Your Investment: $198.00


Who needs this 34 - page report:

You're at the Manager or Director level and ready to pursue a global Director or even a VP position. You need to be able to clarify your strengths as a leader and your style that will lead an organization to successfully stay on target and reach its goals and stay on mission.

What your report will define:


My clients receive a tangible report providing useful insights into their job performance, team-building qualities, and leadership characteristics

What Clients tell me after taking the report:

"Thanks for sharing.  BTW I did the DISC thing, It mirrored me perfectly and I was shocked."-

Client - A VP of Human Resources in Nigeria, after purchasing an assessment.

After my interview prep and the DISC Assessment, he was more prepared an secured his dream job at SHELL in Nigeria. View his review here along with my other clients: (17) Recommendations | Donnella Tilery, Certified Interview Coach D.I.S.C. Administrator and HR Professional | LinkedIn

"The DISC report was a great asset, in addition to my professional portfolio, to have at my interviews. I am somewhat interview-phobic and these tools really helped and gave me great word choices. This helped build up my confidence during the interview."  Sales Client

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