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Additional  Services

Performance Reviews

$125.00 - 75 minutes session.

I will help you articulate your knowledge, skills and abilities to put together a solid performance outline for your manager.

Presentation Practice 

$125.00 for 75 minutes.

Let me help you increase your presentation style before your next virtual or in-person meeting. I will also take a look at your materials and provide specific feedback, recommendations and correction on the overall presentation. 

Salary Negotiations

$95.00 - 1 hour session.

Using my custom checklist, we will walk through how to effectively negotiate a salary for a promotion or new job.

Let's strategize together!

Business Writing Tips

for ESL 

$75.00  per hour.

This is a crash course one-hour session while reviewing your correspondence.

I will also provide tips and recommendations to help you communicate with colleagues.

Acceptance Letters


1-2-page correspondence

You need an acceptance letter, introductory email to try and connect, reach a mentor via LinkedIn let me help you craft a letter that will help get you a response. 

Business Small Talk Practice

$75.00 per hour 

Learn how to better communicate with confidence and professionalism during meetings, lunches and dinners to help you network and build strong relationships within your industry. 


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