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Trust Me - I've been in your situation.

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About Me:

Thank you for visiting my website. I can assure you I've been there. 

About 20+ years ago I was excited to move to New York and start my first "corporate job" in the Scientific, Technical, and Medical Division of a global company. ​I learned through positive experiences and many, many bad ones, how to work with people (or ignore them) at all levels internally and externally during client visits, departmental meetings, countless reports, and joint sales calls with senior managers. 

That meant written and verbal communication, performance reviews, and finding mentors and coaches - while realizing what I wanted to do long-term as a career.

In my business, I am passionately working with individuals, such as you, helping them not just "write a resume", but to identify their personal mantra and plan forward into the career they want, as part of their career and personal development.

As a Human Resources Supervisor, I work on a small team with 250 full-time and part-time employees in a leading library system. I am responsible for hiring, recruitment, onboarding, orientation benefits, and interviews. I've seen hundreds of resumes and met many people seeking jobs.

I became certified as a Training Director in 2014, and in 2019, I decided to rebrand myself and build my own career coaching business.


How I stay frosty and relevant in my field: 

  • National Resume Writing Association

  • Professional Resume Writers and Career Coaching Association

  • Langevin Learning Association - Certifed Training Director

  • DISC Assessments / Behavior Administrator with Profiling Pro

  • Society of Human Resources Management Member

You can read my reviews on LinkedIn to see what I do specifically for clients.


Types of clients 

I have worked for people in the following sectors from entry-level to Senior Level: Attorneys, Human Resources Directors, Mechanical Engineers, Nurses, Attorneys, DEI specialists, IT Administrators, Customer Service, Social Media Gurus, Educators, Respiratory Therapists, Medical Coders, Training Managers, along with State and Federal employees.

Many prefer privacy, as they look for their next opportunity, so I invite you to view my LinkedIn profile for recommendations here:

How I work:

  • I provide one 15-20 minute video consultation for new clients to discuss the scope of work.

  • If we agree to work together, I will send you a proposal and invoice.

  • I accept Zelle, Cash App, PayPal, and Venmo for payments.

  • I will start work once I receive your payment in full, and all documents.

  • Typically it takes me 5 to7 business days. (Keep in mind the holiday - but we will discuss it upfront.)

  • I do not do rush jobs i.e. 24-48 hours.  I can recommend a colleague that does that type of work.

  • We work together via zoom on the edits so you are content with the final documents.  

  • I don't offer discounts or special rates on any of my services. 

Why Hire Me:

I  work one-to-one with clients so you're not getting cookie-cutter work, or a farmed out resume, but customized to fit your needs.  I  work with you on 4 free edits together before finalizing the project in writing. 

I understand how frustrating and disheartening it can be to be called "aggressive", or ' deal with microaggressions and "dismissed" or just blatantly "not taken seriously" or stereotyped.  We can address those issues confidentially during coaching calls and interview prep.


It takes time to write documents, respond to "what do you think" calls and offer updates and review emails.  I do truly hope you'll be pleased with my work and continue to hire me for additional career services or refer me in the future.

How I communicate with clients during the process - agreed upon before we begin work.

I am often available for my clients for a "quick text" question or email to "look at before I send it to my boss" so rather than charging a lawyer's pay-to-play by-the-minute rate, my upfront fees cover all the things that may happen while I provide the service you've purchased.

My ideal client is open to frank discussions about their current situation and willing to discuss what's working and what's not. Sometimes I provide coaching "homework" so you can develop your action plan to put you in a position for the most favorable outcome during your job search and interviews.

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