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The approach I take is described as personable, insightful, and patient. I request that clients connect with me via LinkedIn so that I can review their profiles prior to our initial consultation. When we are finished, you will be able to confidently discuss your knowledge, skills, and abilities during your interview. Don't use a service - I will provide you with one-to-one support throughout the revision process. 


I recommend you view my LinkedIn Profile to get an idea of my style when working with clients, as well as see my references and career experience.  http://www.linkedin/in/donnellatilery

Entry-Level & Student Resumes

Fee: $175.00 

Whether you are an intern, a recent college graduate, or an entry-level professional with fewer than five years of experience, retiring or reentering the workforce, I will build a resume that showcases your skills. Don't worry if you have been out of the workforce - I've worked with stay-at-home parents and that's certainly a job too.

Federal or Government Resumes


If you are applying for federal or public sector jobs, you will receive a resume that is tailored to the job posting that you are applying for that includes industry-relevant skills and meets all KSA requirements listed in the announcement.

You will receive a 30-minute virtual consultation to discuss your resume and timeline.

Resume Quick Fix / Edits


Great for someone that has a resume but needs some tweaks to update or make changes. Let me polish up your 1 - 2 page resume. I'll send it back as a MS Word document so you always can edit this in the future.

Professional & Mid-Career Resume

Fee: $480.00 

If you're a professional with five to ten years of experience and are considering a promotion or taking on a new role at a company or organization. My experience as an HR Professional has given me insight into the pitfalls that get resumes overlooked during screening. In your summary, I will include a convincing brand statement, and industry-relevant keywords, and the overall resume will be customized for your specific position of interest.

Sales Manager or Director


You're a sales professional with a great gift to sell anything but can't talk about yourself! Let me work over with you a resume that showcases your talent and accomplishments so you can get that new position

You will receive a 30-minute virtual consult before I begin work on your resume.  

Acceptance Letters, Emails and any Correspondence You need

$99.00 - one page or one email.

You want to make sure you write the correct words for your boss, new employer, or something that needs a professional and polished touch. Send me a one-page document to update and edit for you. We will have a 15- minute consult before and after to make sure its what you need before sending it!

What My Clients Say 

Notepad on Desk

A great experience

"I had a great experience with Donnella, she is not helping me brushed my resume, but also gave me some great advices with my LinkedIn profile. Because I am changing my career now, and didn't work for a while, so I am worried that I couldn't show my best in my interview. During the meeting with Donnella, she helped me to practicing the interview questions, gave me a lot of valuable her ideas about my answers, through talking with her, I felt that I am more confident with myself if I am going to out for future interviews. Really Really recommend her to anyone who needs help with building resume and practicing interview - Angela
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